Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital Vehicle Inspections

InSpec is a quick and easy way to get inspections done on the vehicles in your shop, giving you efficient communication between your service advisor and the technicians.   As soon as the service advisor flags an inspection for a vehicle, it appears on the android tablets in the shop, letting the technicians know there is an inspection needed.  Using your shop’s wifi, there is no waiting for the inspection to get to the techs or back to the service advisor when it is done.

With the ability to include pictures, the end product is a professional looking inspection report that can be shared with your customer.  Inspection forms are designed in Point of sale and can be adjusted as needed quickly.  Finally, the completed inspection reports are now stored with the vehicle in the system and can be very easily be reviewed next time the car comes in for service.

Check out this link to a full demo of our Inspection process!  At an affordable $59 per month, you can see that you will cover that in no time by having a thorough inspection to present to your customers.

If you are ready to give this a try in your shop, contact our support line for assistance.  We offer free 30 day trials to see how you like it before asking you to sign up for it.  All you need to have is an Android tablet and we can get you set up on that free trial!

For those that are looking for a few more features in an Inspection tablet, we also have a connection to the AutoVitals Inspection process.  The inspection in AutoVitals is able to reference the estimate in StockTrac so that the critical information can be included in the inspection right from the start.  Soon, we will be completing another phase of the connection, and that will be to pull back the odometer, plate, and vin from the inspection when it is completed.  Coming some time this fall, will be adding a feature to pull the labor items from the required points on the inspection right onto the estimate so all that is left is to add the parts.

Some of the additional features in Autovitals are a library of videos that you can include for the customer’s information, along with the ability to mark up the pictures.   It also includes a guided process to help your new technicians through the inspection process.

You will need to purchase a subscription to the AutoVitals system separately to use this interface.  Additionally, when you want to retrieve a previous inspection for a returning vehicle, you will go through the AutoVitals system to view it – it will not be stored in StockTrac.

Contact our Support line if you would like some additional information on how either of these systems works in StockTrac.