MV Connect

MV Connect

Don’t sacrifice part margin because you can’t afford to spend the time checking several vendors for part price – see all your supplier’s availability and pricing from the same integration with MVConnect.  Powered by Epicor’s ISE system, multi-vendor part lookup will save you minutes at the counter on every estimate you write! 

There are three ways for you to start your search: 

  • Search the pre-built jobs  
  • Search for a specific part type by selecting from the lists 
  • Search by typing what you are looking for in the search bar.   

Not only will you get your parts quickly, but you will also be able to see the associated labor with the same search. 

Are you trying to source parts for a brake job or an oil change?  MVConnect will also let you grab fluids and specifications for the associated job at the same time.  These come back to your estimate in the comments section so you have that information at your fingertips without another search. 

What about scheduled maintenance?  If you are doing some maintenance on a vehicle, you can search Service Intervals in MVConnect and immediately see all the parts and labor that go along with the intervals selected for that vehicle. 

Regardless of the method you choose to get the parts and labor information to your estimate, when you are ready to order the parts for the approved services, simply click on the MVConnect Order button in Point of Sale and your parts are already grouped for the vendors you selected them from.   Click on Create Order next to each one and the parts will be on their way to you. 

Imagine how easy it will be when you have a new service advisor to train.  The on-boarding time will  be greatly reduced since you only need to train them on a single integration.  Check out the overview video below to see more!