Oil Change (Static) Stickers

Oil Change (Static) Stickers

Stocktrac has a feature to automatically print out the static labels for your oil changes. If you are still handwriting them with a pen that smears as soon as you touch it there’s a better way. Using our Godex printer integration you can create custom labels quickly and give your customers a professional looking reminder to bring their car back in for service.

You can design multiple labels to be used for anything from oil changes to reminders for coming back for lug nut checks or even printing out coupons or a thank you to leave on the customer’s windshield.

Use them within your shop to print out labels for tires if you offer storage for seasonal tires.

We have multiple label styles, including several franchise brand’s logos and a style for independently owned stores to use. The labels are printed during the estimating/invoicing process and can be customized by adding whatever text you want along with using merge fields for the shop information, customer name, year/make/model of the vehicle, Odometer +, or Date +.

Soon we will be adding estimate number and customer phone number for help in using the labels to tag those special-order parts and stored tires.

Call our support line today to order your Godex starter kit (includes two rolls of labels and an ink ribbon) and ask our techs how this can help your shop!