Text 2 Pay

Text 2 Pay

The Text-2-Pay process is more secure for your customers and much easier for your front counter staff.  Not to mention eliminating the keying errors that need to be found during your reconciliation process. 

It is just one more way of offering payment flexibility to your customers with the bonus of contactless transactions that will keep your employees and customers safe.  It is completely remote – your customer will not have to enter your shop to pay.  Additionally, it offers security as the card never leaves your customer’s hand during the transaction. 

What about the benefit to the shop?  No more late nights waiting for someone to pick up a car.  Also, it is a much “cleaner” way to get payment from your customers on the day that the work is done keeping your payroll figures matching days worked.  Plus, it doesn’t put you in the awkward position of taking a credit card number over the phone and then making sure the paper it was written on is destroyed.  Now you can just send the link to the customer via text, and they are in control of making the payment. 

Watch this overview video to get a better idea of the benefits. 

Are you wondering how you would know that the customer has completed the transaction?  StockTrac has a Text-2-Pay log button that will flash when a payment is made so you can view it and immediately close out that invoice.  This will also let you keep track of those payments that have not yet been completed. 

Other safety features have been put in place also that allow for refunds to be credited back with an accompanying text message, and features that will not allow the customer to pay twice by accident. Your service advisors will also not be able to delete a payment on an estimate when the link has already been sent, just to make certain all situations can be handled gracefully. 

 Watch this video for a step by step “How to” showing how this feature works when completing an invoice.  Your customers will love you for giving them this option!