Text Messaging

Text Messaging

How many times have a car occupied a lift way too long just because you were waiting to hear back from a customer regarding their repairs?  Get their attention quickly with Text Messaging done right inside Point of Sale!  Customers can then reply to the message and the service advisor will be immediately notified of the message.  Plus, to keep your shop protected, the entire conversation will then be saved with the final invoice.

Texting inside Stocktrac is also easy to use with the ability to set up templates ahead of time that will fill the customers information in automatically.  Set these templates to pop up on the screen the second an estimate is saved as selected estimate statuses and it becomes a one click operation for the service advisor to send the right message at the right time.

You can also reduce your rate of no-shows by easily sending reminders to every customer who has an appointment beforehand.  Select them individually, or choose to text everyone who is set to come in on that day.

If you are a busy shop, you can’t afford to not take advantage of this feature that will greatly speed up the communication with your customers.   Don’t let that be a roadblock for your shop any longer.  For $11.99/month for US shops and $15.99 a month for Canadian shops,  the time you save will be well worth it!

Check out the link below to see a demo of this great feature!