Announcing Version 3.5 of StockTrac

Announcing Version 3.5 of StockTrac

Highlighted Changes in new version 3.5

  • Now saving AllData LogIn Username and Password so that you do not have to retype them when going into the integration
  • Added Integration to Sonsio Road Hazard
  • Ability to store tire size fields on inventory items and use them to find tire parts in Point of Sale and Inventory
  • Increase size of part & labor descriptions to 120 characters
  • Added integration to TireMetrix TPMS Manager
  • Added ability to hide part numbers on estimates
  • Greatly improved speed with initial estimate loads

Introducing our new Multi Vendor Lookup function – MVConnect

  • Powered by Epicor’s ISE version, you can now see parts available from all your vendors on one screen!
  • Also accesses their pre-built job packages, Service Interval information, and labor
  • Included is the ability for you to see your on-hand quantities of any parts you might stock
  • Once the parts are transferred to your estimate, quickly and easily place the necessary orders to your vendors
  • Included is the ability for you to find and order parts through Amazon with your Amazon Business account
  • Contact our Support Department for more information on signing up

For those already using our Inspection Tablet module, InSpec, below are the recent upgrades and changes.

InSpec App changes

  • Fixed issue with carriage returns truncating notes
  • Added button to 3rd level to take the user back two levels
  • Indicate which required fields on vehicle screen haven’t been entered
  • Changed most Back buttons to read Done
  • Some choices can have an additional text button displayed
  • Don’t default numeric fields to 0 so we can detect when user enters a 0
  • Some labels weren’t visible when viewing in portrait mode
  • Photos weren’t being resent when resending the inspection
  • Fixed potential index out of range errors including when selecting plate/VIN lookup results
  • Added Inspection Statistics Report for user analysis

InSpec changes system wide

  • Improved connectivity and ability to reconnect quickly when the tablets go to sleep
  • Added ability to add a 3rd level of choices to the forms
  • Added version number to inspection forms
  • Tech notes on inspection were not always being displayed
  • Inspection log started flashing as soon as new inspection was assigned
  • Fixed word wrapping issue when printing some inspection detail findings
  • Inspection changes to allow additional notes icon added to some items
  • Avoid access violations when editing an inspection or previewing the form
  • Photo notes weren’t printing on inspections
  • VIN was printing off the page on inspection form
  • Printing an inspection from the Inspection Log could print wrong customer info if an estimate was on the screen
  • Fixed swapped inspection time started / time completed
  • Unchecking pictures on inspections didn’t always stop them from being printed
  • Allow deletion of started & completed inspections when on original estimate


And finally, here is a list of some of the more module specific changes you may have been wishing for!

Point of Sale

  • Added images to ATD catalog
  • Indicate in the appointment popup bubble if the customer is waiting
  • Don’t prompt for credit card expiration date and authorization since it can no longer be saved
  • Posting ordered item to Custom Stocked category didn’t change the Mfg on the estimate item
  • Added a popup menu to carfax history screen to copy to clipboard
  • Don’t require replacement reason on declined items
  • Added Installed & Sold Snapshot report for technician’s reference
  • Sonsio certificates are now being printed with the invoice
  • The quantity sold on a companion part wouldn’t get adjusted if there was only one companion part added
  • Changing the selling price to 0 on a guarantee-able part would always clear the labor instead of checking the flag on the product code
  • When starting a new ticket and looking up by plate it wasn’t checking to see if other estimates already existed for that vehicle
  • Can print fitment info in TireTrac and TireSize
  • Don’t auto-save quick quotes when using integrations unless parts were ordered or it had been previously saved
  • Use same warnings about opening a billed out estimate when using the caller id screen
  • Fixed occasional truncation issue when printing long part descriptions
  • Vehicle info not being sent to Nexpart correctly
  • Fix error when Showing the list of Billing Centers
  • Deal with changed TireMetrix warnings that were causing errors in Point of Sale
  • Tire Connect was looking for cross-reference records but using only the Manufacturer, not part number
  • Default MCL field wasn’t being displayed for LaserCat users
  • Billing Center’s tax settings can be set to override customer’s tax settings
  • Fixed issue causing discrepancies in some reports when discounting packages
  • Improved Appointment Dragging on Scheduler


  • Added part type of Warranty to use with Sonsio
  • Posting ordered item to Custom Stocked category didn’t change the manufacturer on the estimate item
  • Expand category and item description on the screen


  • Some numbers on Detailed Sales/Cost could be incorrect for packaged items
  • Added ISTIRE, M2CATEGORY and correct FLEET_NO in Midas Data Highway export
  • Displaying the warning when cancelling the Tuffy Royalty report could produce error
  • Added button to export Estimated Annual Expenses
  • Cost of Sales Staff also included those marked “Fixed/Other Operating Expenses”
  • Change Midas US Corporate address for printing on royalty report
  • Fixed label truncation on Estimate Conversion Comparisons screen


  • Add Front and Rear Tire Size to data search output


  • Total Commission incorrect on Commissions & Job Averages screen

Vendor Tracking

  • Remove x-level for QuickBooks statement re-export

Accounts Receivable

  • Added setting to Billing Centers to override the customer’s taxes on invoices


  • Correct manual replication when security level 1
  • Add Zip64Mode to Backup to allow backup of large files

If you have any questions about this update or need assistance, please contact Janco Customer Support at 800-782-5872 (US) or 800-323-5872 (Canada).

Thanks for using StockTrac!